1. Applying for admission does not automatically entitle a student to get admission. All admissions pending approval of the Principal and the University are provisional. The Principal is empowered to reject any application form for admission without assigning any reason whatsoever.

2. In B.A.I/B.Com.I, no student with a gap after qualifying examination will be admitted. In case of B.Sc.I/B.B.A.I and P.G. courses, students with a gap longer than two years will not be allowed. Such students will be considered only after the normal course of admissions is over.

3. The admission to the second and third years of all classes is normally restricted to students who have passed the previous year of the relevant class from this college.

4. The application for admission must be duly signed by the parent/guardian of the student. It must also carry the photograph of the student on the Application Form, the Library Card and an additional photograph. In the absence of these requisites, the form will be rejected.

5. In case of the application form attached to the prospectus getting damaged, a duplicate from can be obtained from the college office after depositing the damaged form alongwith a nominal charge of Rs. 20/-only.

6. At the time of the interview a student must be accompanied by his/her parent/guardian.

7. The application form for admission must be accompanied by pass certificate of previous class and a Character Certificate form the institution last attended.

8. The student, whose result was held up on account of the use of unfair means in examination will not be granted admission to this college.

9. Any student found misrepresenting or concealing facts is liable to be expelled from the college at any time. Such student forfeits claim of any kind.

10. The applicant must go through the check list given at the end of this brochure to make sure that all necessary documents have been submitted.

11. The students migrating from other Universities will have to submit Inter-University Migration Certificate and Eligibility Certificate of MDU by 15th August, Foreign students will have to get Eligibility Certificate of MDU.

12. Scheduled Castes/Tribes and Backward Classes candidates are required to attach an attested copy of the certificate to this effect.

13. Students are admitted on the basis of merit only. Any kind of recommendation or attempt to influence college authorities will lead to disqualification of the concerned student.

14. The criterion for admission to B.B.A. will also include a group discussion and a personal interview in addition to the marks secured by the candidate in previous class.

15. Failed students shall not be admitted as regular students under any circumstances.

16. There is no provision for admitting students as 'casual students'.

17. The students who appear through the distance education mode cannot be admitted as regular students.