Teacher Achievements

Teacher's Achievements

  • Dr. Jagdish Batra, Head, Dept. of English, presented/published five research papers and a book on the novelist Jhumpa Lahiri this year. He delivered an extension lecture in M.N. College, Shahabad Markanda. Besides, he guided ten M.Phil students and two Ph.D. students.

  • Dr. Vijay Kumar Vedalankar presented three research papers besides publishing two books, one on Kavyashastra and another on the famous Hindi poet Ramehswarlal Tarun. He is guiding three Ph.D. students.

  • Mr. Omesh Pruthi, Head, Dept. of Hindi, delivered an extension lecture in Jat College, Hissar.

  • A research paper of Dr. Arun Gaur of Physics Department was published in a research journal of Singapore.

  • Mr. Narender Kaushik, Head, Dept. of Political Science, participated in the four-day worskshop organized under the Eduset program at Chandigarh.

  • Dr. R.K.Gupta (Physics) and Dr. Vishal Sharma (History) made presentations on the Eduset.

  • Dr. Ashok Batra (Hindi Dept.) was nominated member of the NCERT and CBSE. As a well-known Hindi poet, he won accolades at different poetry recital programmes.

  • Dr.Vishal Sharma and Dr. Ajay Kumar participated in the Training Camp for N.S.S. officers held at Khanpur.